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About Marcoola

As part of the Sunshine Coast, Marcoola is tucked away along this popular destination in Queensland, Australia. It is considered a suburb along the Pacific Ocean Coastline and even considered to be one of the best-kept secrets of the Sunshine Coast. 

Marcoola is a great location for those who don’t want to be in the center of the hustle and bustle of some of the big destinations. Yet, Marcoola is close to all the attractions including the Australia Zoo, Underwater World, and even the Ettamogah Pub. 

One of the nice aspects of Marcoola is the secluded beach. It seems so quiet compared to the many other places. You can walk along the beach to see views so far north and south it will take your breath away. 

This suburb has mostly resort-style apartments, which are great for families who want to eat-in or are looking for separate sleeping quarters for the kids or other adults. Taking other members of the family along is simple and encouraged with these self-contained accommodations. All along the beach is where you can find these units. Close by are shops, making it so easy to walk to buy whatever you need. Even though the airport is so close and can get noisy, the simple beauty and ease of having a place on the beachfront will make it all worthwhile. 

Some of the top resorts in Marcoola are popular brands that are renowned all over the world and since Marcoola is part of the tourist area of the Sunshine Coast, the accommodations here have all the amenities tourists have grown to expect like resort size pools, gyms and outdoor eating areas. 

Located about seventy-five minutes from Brisbane, when you fly to the Sunshine Coast, Marcoola is where the plane will land. Even with the airport so close, it is one of best places to holiday if you want the simple beauty of paradise away from the crowds yet so close to major attractions.